EOLYC – Design and production of zero-impact wind turbines for sustainable energy.

The wind generator industry has focused on large turbines. Environmental and radiation-impact concerns, although not yet proven, have resulted in a decrease in the cost of land nearby large wind turbines. Further, there is state regulation against the installation of large turbines in urban environments, thus limiting their use to far-off locations, including far-off coastal waters. In addition, large turbines are economically effective only when built in bulk, as single turbines are too expensive to maintain. Most importantly, large turbines are designed to work in mid-wind ratios (maximum 26 m/s) and even the highest-class equipment is not suited for areas with over 50 m/s wind flow. In comparison the wind storm areas often see 50 to 60 m/s.

Small turbines, on the other hand, offer excellent use in urban environments, easy installation, and architectural integration. They can be installed individually or in bulk and no environmental impacts have been reported. The low costs of installation and maintenance allow the utilization of the turbines in low economic zones, in single household needs, etc.